What's Hot in Gardening?

Published July 20, 2012


Hot off the press is a new product called the Gardener’s Care Bar. Originally from eastern Canada, this is an oversized bar with a built-in nailbrush for easy cleaning. The beautiful, rich oils and botanicals within the bar make it simply irresistible for hardworking hands and nails. (Available at Avant Gardener for $10.95 each).

Another great item is the new Rose Gauntlet Glove. A long, graceful glove with protection up to the elbow, this synthetic suede glove has reinforced fingers and  is made with  breathable material. The palm is lightly padded, thorn proof and the glove is washable. Available in two colour choices:  deep ruby & olive, or saffron & olive. The glove retails for $49.95 at Avant Gardener.

I also liked the new Bucket Bagger. Imagine a tote bag that surrounds a standard bucket. It organizes all garden tools, and other necessary items you carry around as you work. Made with two zippered cooler pack and multi-pockets, this product is available at Avant Gardener for $29.99.

For fun in the pond try the new Baby Croc Floating Head. This little critter is about two feet long and has a very realistic appearance. A small solar panel is affixed to its torso and this allows the eyes to light up at night.

Lastly, I loved the Victorian Water Bell. This fun, watering product is terracotta with ceramic touches. Available in such shapes as a duck, birdhouse, turtle and frog this water bell is ideal for greenhouses or any out of the way spot. Keep it in a water-filled bucket or pot, lift it out with your thumb on the hole that sits on the top knob and release a gentle shower over your plant. Two sizes, $13.95 and $14.95 respectively.