Forget "greige"…now it's all about beige!

Published August 28, 2012

Forget “greige”…now it’s all about beige. Oh I know you are probably saying “how boring” but the fact is most of us like coming home to a quiet and serene palette of calm. I for one, like the fact that it’s back and rightly so. Grey was fine for downtown condos, and ultra modern spaces but in Vancouver’s grey, cloudy climate grey was dull. The trick with welcoming beige back into your home’s interiors is to spice it up a little with colourful couches, pillows and throws. Place a brightly coloured vase on your coffee table. Hang some wild, colourful artwork on the walls. Wake up your beige with textures, shapes and patterns. But the fact is, one cannot deny the fact that beige works. It is timeless, classic and sets the backdrop for a peaceful haven to come home to after a busy day. So don’t be afraid to decorate with beige this year. After all every home deserves timeless, classic beauty.