Father's Day Gift Bag

Published October 13, 2012

These bags are easy to make and a great activity for the kidsBag It For Father’s Day 

Here’s a cute craft idea for the kids to make on Father’s Day.

This year surprise Dad with a gift placed inside a custom made gift bag. These cute little gift bags take only minutes to assemble and make wonderful wrappings for his special day.

Look for inexpensive coloured bags at your local Dollar Store or craft supplier such as Michaels. If you purchase a large pad of decorative paper you will have a variety of coloured pages to choose from to make the tie.


1 large pad of assorted decorative papers (at craft stores)

White craft glue


Assorted coloured bags

Clips (optional)

Decorative accessories

8.5″ x 11″ piece of white paper


Measure the front side of the bag in length and width. Determine how large you would like the tie to be on this front side of the bag. Using a blank piece of white paper draw out a shape of a men’s tie. (You can also download these from the Internet) Place the template on the wrong side of a chosen piece of decorative paper and cut out with your scissors.


Place the gift inside the bag and fold over the top edge. Secure with a staple or tape.


Glue the cutout tie on the front of the bag and decorative with either a clip or an accessory.


Happy Father’s Day!