Fruit and Floral Centerpiece Idea

Published October 17, 2012

Here sliced limes work beautifully with lillies and berries

NOW that our summer flowers are slowly disappearing from our gardens, it’s nice to incorporate all the wonderful autumn hues that surround us at this time of year in a pretty floral arrangement for our home.

Burnt orange, browns, deep purples and yellows are everywhere and it’s easy to bring this fall feeling inside your home with the right flowers.

Whether you choose to do an arrangement of all one colour or perhaps combine a few shades of autumn in the vase, the choice is yours. Remember to soak your floral foam ahead of time and add floral preservative to keep the arrangement fresh for a week or more.


Clear vase (in any shape) Wet floral foam

Sharp knife or floral scissors Fresh fruit (such as oranges, lemons and limes)

Fresh Flowers ( in autumn hues) cleaned and leaves removed

Always clean your vase before you begin. Often times there is leftover residue and bacteria from the last floral arrangement. To be sure you have eliminated this risk you can use a little bleach with warm water and stir it around the vase. Then rinse thoroughly.

Cut your floral foam to measure the inside of the vase and let it soak in water treated with floral preservative for 15min or longer.

Place the foam inside the vase and fill with water halfway.

Cut your fresh fruit in slices and place around the inside of the vase so that the pieces cover the foam. This way you will not see the foam from the outside but only the cut fruit.

Now you can add the flowers. Start with the larger ones first and follow with the smaller heads.

Fill the entire top portion of the vase so that the arrangement looks lush and full.

Add more water to fill to the top and place on your table.

You may want to make this arrangement the day before. If so, be sure to add more water to the flowers first thing in the morning as the blooms drink quite a bit overnight.