Easter Gift: Cookies with flowers

Published November 01, 2012

Easter Decor



Decorate your table this year with a very pretty assemblage of spring tulips in an Easter theme. These spring flowers will last well after your Easter soiree if you add a little fresh water to keep them beautiful.




1 clear, round floral container

1 smaller, round container (to fit inside)

Assorted jellybeans

Easter cookies

Sharp knife or floral scissors

Floral wire or elastic band

15 fresh tulips in assorted colours


One tip before you get started is to be sure to leave a ¼ inch gap between the larger container and the smaller one that fits inside. This will ensure there is enough space to insert the cookies.


Place your smaller container inside the larger and fill the bottom 1 inch with jellybeans. Carefully place the Easter cookies along side each other until the circumference of the container is filled.


Add fresh water to the inside container leaving ½ inch at the top.


To make your tulip posie remove the tulips from their packaging and give the stems a quick cut on the ends. Holding 1 tulip in your left hand begin to add all remaining flowers one by one as you rotate the bouquet. Once the last flower has been added simply tie off the ends with floral wire or elastic. Snip the ends of the tulips to the desired length that will fit nicely inside the vase.


The idea is to have the tulips completely covering the edges of the inside vase.


This is a nice arrangement to bring as a hostess gift or for the center of your own table. The beauty is its ability to be easily transported.