Beautiful Mother's Day Arrangement (or other occasion)

Published November 07, 2012

Try to coordinate your flowers with your jelly beans…gorgeous!

Mother’s Day Bouquet


Have you given any thought as to what you would like to get your Mom this year for Mother’s Day? Why not put together a very simple and striking flower arrangement? Most of the work for this floral display is done ahead of time. Just pick up some fresh tulips the day you plan to give it to her and you are set. The results are beautiful and the arrangement should last a week or so.




1 larger clear cylinder vase

1 smaller clear cylinder vase (to fit inside)

Sweetheart candies, jelly beans (or another favorite)

3-4 bunches of fresh tulips

Clear elastic band or floral wire


You may be able to purchase some miniature candies at your local dollar store or the specialty store, Sugar, on Marine Drive in West Vancouver. They carry a fabulous selection of nostalgic candy.


Place your smaller cylindrical vase inside the larger one and fill the candies around the edges of the inside vase. (This can be done a few days ahead of time)


On the day you plan to give the fresh arrangement to your Mother, purchase your tulips and remove them from the clear packaging. After you snip the elastic bands from the bottom, take approximately 1 inch off the ends to give the tulips a fresh cut. Pick up one tulip in your left hand and begin to add the remaining flowers one by one as you rotate the tulips. Once you are done a dome shape should appear. Secure the stems of the tulips with an elastic band or floral wire. Place the hand-held bouquet into the center vase that has been filled with room temperature fresh water.


Place a card on the outside of the arrangement as a special touch.