Mason Jar Garden Ornaments

Published November 07, 2012

Any kind of metal garden stick would work fine for this idea.

Mason Jar Garden Ornaments


Decorate your garden this summer with these pretty garden luminaries. Mason jars are available at your local grocery store and are available in two different sizes. I found the smaller ones work well for this idea. If you cannot find the wreath holders you can use any other of wire holder to hang the jars. Garden accessories are everywhere at this time of year on store shelves in most hardware and department stores.




1 box of small mason jars

Ribbon and thin, floral wire

Fresh flowers

Wire wreath holder or wire garden accessory (for hanging the jar)



This idea is very easy to assemble for your next outdoor party. I like to line the front door path with a few or place a few around the outdoor dining table.


Cut a piece of wire approximately 12″ inches long. Wrap the wire around the top edge of the mason jar leaving a piece 6″ long to secure to the wire stand.


Carefully attach the jar to the wire holder by wrapping the 6″ piece securely around the top section of the wire stand.


Fill the jar halfway with water and place 1 or 2 fresh flowers inside. For a nice effect add a pretty ribbon to each mason jar.


Another simple idea is to fill the larger mason jars with sand and add a small votive candle. These can be placed along a garden path or placed in the center of a patio table. Add a few seashells for a beach party theme.


I’ve also seen mason jars in different sizes scattered down the center of a long table each with a single tea light. The effect is quite beautiful when illuminated. This is a great idea if you are in a pinch for time and would like to create a simple, rustic table setting.