Decking the Halls For Christmas: A Bannister Idea

Published November 16, 2012

Go monochromatic or an array of Holiday colours for this idea

You don’t have to be a professional decorator to achieve professional results when decorating your home for the holidays. All you need is a little creativity and some fresh greens. Allow your home to come alive with the holiday spirit by giving it a little lift at Christmas without blowing the budget, and put aside a little time to deck the halls and dress up the ordinary with the extraordinary.

The staircase railing is one area of the home that really draws the eye and looks fabulous when one enters the front foyer. Fresh or artificial greens decorated up with baubles and lights will add a special sparkle to the home’s holiday decor. Too many times we overlook this focal point in the home so this is the year to do it up right!

For a natural look, choose greens from your own yard or from your local nursery. Pine boughs are the best and tend to loose fewer needles than spruce boughs, but both look beautiful when combined with miniature white lights and decorations. If you would rather go the artificial route, then choose boughs that are realistic in their appearance and come in different sizes and textures. The advantage of fresh greens is the wonderful aroma of spruce and fir in your home; however, artificial greens may be used year after year.



  • Fresh or artificial green boughs (spruce, fir and pine are holiday favorites)
  • Black tape or green floral wire
  • Complementary baubles
  • Pinecones
  • Miniature white lights (optional)


What you decide to put into your garland is up to you. But keep the colours consistent with your decor and chosen theme for the holidays.

Begin by wrapping your boughs with the tape or wire around the banister making sure to completely cover the iron or wood railing. Add your miniature lights next hiding any wires from view. If you do not have an outlet close by, then battery-operated lights are another option. Just place the batteries in shortly before your guests arrive as they usually only last 3-4 hours.

Decorate the greens with the baubles and pinecones by twisting them in with wire.

Any leftover greens may be used on your front hall table or over your fireplace. If you choose to use fresh greens over your fireplace be sure to keep a close eye on them over time. These greens dry out quickly and can be a fire hazard if not watched carefully while your fire is lit.

Merry Christmas