Dragonfly Clip

Published November 17, 2012

I saw this idea at a friend’s home one Christmas on her tree and thought it was really cute.



Clothespins (wood)

Styrofoam piece

Assorted Glitter

Wire and Beads

Glue Gun and Glue an Modge Podge


To make the wings…cut a piece of wire long enough to loop around and make the shape of a wing. Insert your beads. Repeat for the 3 other wings.

Cut a piece of styrofoam into the shape of the dragonfly body

Apply Modge Podge to the styrofoam and sprinkle with glitter…let dry.

Attach the wings to the body by inserting them into the foam and secure with the glue gun and let dry.

Add the antenna’s to the top of the head.