Holiday Hostess Gift Ideas: Candy Cane Red Rose Arrangement

Published November 17, 2012

Dollar Store Candy Canes may be transformed into a beautiful arrangement with roses from your local grocery store.

Bottles of wine and chocolates are nice, but why not try something new this year when planning your hostess gifts?

It’s been a longstanding tradition to arrive at your host’s home with a small token of appreciation for all their hard work and generosity. Sometimes we find ourselves scrambling at the last minute to think of a nice gift that the host would enjoy. Everyone agrees the best gifts are the ones that are homemade but we don’t always have the time to think ahead and prepare properly. Now that we are officially at the start of the holiday season, why not plan ahead and make a list of small hostess gifts that you can keep on hand. This way when the unexpected invitation arrives, a gift is always ready to go.


Candy Cane Roses

I love this simple but fun idea for a gift. Roses can be found everywhere now at very reasonable prices. The Dollar stores carry boxes of candy canes as well.


  • 3-4 boxes of candy canes
  • 1 dozen red roses
  • Glue gun and glue
  • Wet floral foam (available at Safeway floral department)
  • Small circular or square votive container

Break the candy cane ends off so that you are left only with the straight pieces. Heat the glue gun up and attach the candy canes side-by-side each other until the container is completely covered. Cut a piece of floral foam into the size that will fit inside your container. Soak your floral foam in the floral preservative for at least 1 hour. Once it is fully saturated, place it inside the container and fill with water. Cut your roses with a sharp knife on an angle and place inside the foam. Fill the container until no gaps are visible.

Other great hostess ideas include a bucket or vase filled with your favorite recipe and all he ingredients to make it. A frame with a favorite photo of the recipient inside is always a great surprise and a new CD can be a great gift as well as music for the night.

Remember to use your talents when thinking of a unique hostess gift. If you love to bake then fresh baking is a wonderful idea. Perhaps flowers is your passion? If so, a simple hand-tied posie makes a wonderful centerpiece for the host.

The trick behind a great hostess gift is personalizing it to the recipient. A gift that means something to them is always the best. And remember, you don’t have to break the bank to impress the host- a little creativity goes a long way.