Let it Snow: Blushing Snow Man and Snow Lanterns

Published November 17, 2012

It seems Old Man Winter doesn’t want to leave us this year. With all the snow around it’s fun for the kids and parents to get out and enjoy it.  If you are looking for some fun ideas to put this snow to good use, why not try out a few of the below ideas with the kids? Before you know it the snow will be gone and we will all be out in our gardens.


Blushing Snow Man

I love this idea for its simplicity and fun.  Begin by building a snowman in your yard. Top him off with a good hat, coal eyes and a carrot nose. Tamale candies from your local candy store work wonderfully for the smile. After you and your kids have finished your snowman, fill a small spray bottle with water and add 2 drops of food colouring to the container. Mix it up and then test out the spray of the bottle. Carefully spray one or two sprays of the red water on each side of the snowman’s cheeks. He’ll be blushing for days!


Snow Lanterns

Put all that snow at your front door to good use. You will need a small mold of some kind to form the snow. Jelly molds work beautifully for this. Fill the molds with snow and slowly invert them on the place where you would like them to be. Next, you may use a small strand of mini lights or candles in votive. Place the candle inside the middle of the each mold that lines your pathway. The snow will glow throughout the evening. Alternatively, plug in a small strand of white mini lights at your front door and place the molds on top of the mini lights. If you are using candles, be sure to attend them at all times.