Snowflake Ornament: Pipe cleaners and Beads

Published November 17, 2012

Glass beads add an extra touch of elegance to this idea.

Put an elegant spin on this year’s holiday decorating with a simple yet stunning snowflake ornament. This little beauty will add a seasonal sparkle to any yuletide green in a chic and understated manner.

Purchase most of your materials ahead of time in your local department stores and allow yourself approximately 20 minutes assembly time.



  • 1 package of silver pipe cleaners
  • 1 package of white pipe cleaner
  • glue gun and glue
  • Plastic or glass beads (available at Michaels Crafts)
  • Small bead pliers (optional)
  • Silver ornament hanging thread


You will require 6 pipe cleaners for 1 ornament. I like to do them in one colour but you can mix both silver and white pipe cleaners if you wish.

Begin by twisting the 6 pipe cleaners around each other in the shape of a star. You should have pointed ends.

Plan out ahead of time what shape and size you would like your snowflake to be. For example, you may want to start with larger beads in the center and finish off with the smaller ones on the ends. The look is entirely random and any design will look beautiful.

Thread your beads on one pipe cleaner at a time and bend the end over to temporarily secure the end. Repeat on the pipe cleaner beside the completed one and secure. Thread approximately enough beads for a finished length of 3-4 centimeters long.

Bend the ends of the 2 completed pipe cleaners in the shape of a “V” and insert 2 more small beads on the end. Snip the ends of the pipe cleaners and secure.  Repeat this process on the other ends of each pipe cleaner. You should end up with 6 snowflake branches.

Once completed you can glue a small, silver bead in the middle of the snowflake or leave it the way it is.

Attach the silver thread and tie and knot for hanging.

These snowflakes make wonderful gifts for the holidays. Place them in small gift boxes from the Dollar Stores or perhaps in clear cellophane bags with artificial snow.

To display the snowflakes, try a simple bouquet of bare branches that have been sprayed with white paint. This is a chic and easy alternative to the customary evergreen branches.