Christmas Wreath with a Modern Twist by Lita Lane

Published December 05, 2012


  • 1 large white flocked wreath
  • Glue and glue gun
  • 12 colored bulbs [1 main color or 2 complimentary colors]
  • 4 large white frosted snowballs
  • 8 small white frosted snowballs
  • 6 silver Christmas picks
  • 1 German glitter Christmas word ornament
  • 2 sprigs of mini frosted pinecones [same tone as the Christmas word]

In putting together this wreath I had some left over baubles that didn’t get put in the tree this year they just happen to be purple and turquoise, I purchased two sizes of white glitter snowballs and silver accents.  All this combined made the main colors pop on the white wreath.

Laying the wreath flat, I firstly evenly place the colored bulbs, white snowballs and then silver picks.  Once happy with their location I hot glued them in place.   Then I glued the large glitter word toward the center of the wreath and on a slight angle.  From the pine cone sprigs I cut off the individual pine cones and again strategically placed then glued them.  I found some rhinestone Christmas word brooches from a couple of years ago, such as “sparkle”, “angel”, “noel” and glued them in the emptier spaces.  As the wreath is on a metal frame I can hang it directly on an over the door hook on the entrance door or often I use a decorated wreath as a centerpiece with a large silver ball in the center or any number of other decorations that are hanging around.