Alexis Dodd: Steelwood Designs

Published February 27, 2013

Alexis DoddEVERY once in awhile I come across a local designer that catches my eye.

Recently, I discovered the talents of Alexis Dodd, a North Shore resident and the force behind Steelwood Design.

It’s a collaborative effort that she enjoys with her father, Fred Masaro, who brings with him 45 years of sawmill experience and a passion for transforming old shipyard pieces and reclaimed wood into beautiful pieces of art.

Who knew a rusty piece of shipyard chain could be redesigned into an original floor or table lamp?

Alexis sees objects differently, so don’t be surprised to see her digging through paraphernalia at your local shipyard, looking for her next big creation.

She believes there is always a new life in something old; you just have to find it.

Dodd was formerly an esthetician with 14 years of experience and a graduate of Blanche MacDonald.

She somehow found her passion was actually in taking rough, unappealing objects and making them memorable in a completely different venue.

Each of her furniture pieces is individual with its own story and rich local history.

Dodd reincarnates the object and revitalizes it with clean, simple lines and modern urban form.

Each and every Steelwood design celebrates natural beauty marks like knots, grains and other imperfections only found in authentic wood and steel.

Tables, lamps and benches are just a few examples of Dodd’s work and each one is unique and individual in its own way.

Fred Masaro, known as the “Jack of all Trades”, has always tried to instill the “never give up” attitude into his daughter.

You could say the two of them welcome all challenges in their work and no object is without a dual purpose or incapable of change.

Specializing in custom design, the team works with a variety of clients to create custom, one-of-a-kind furniture pieces as well.

So if you have something in mind or perhaps require a little inspiration, this duo may be a perfect fit for you.

Steelwood Design showcases ready-to-go pieces at Tartooful, 3183 Edgemont Blvd., North Vancouver or you can check out her website at Side tables are $500-$700, table lamps priced at about $500 and benches $350-$500.


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