Photo Canvas Cards

Published March 22, 2013

It's easy to make mini canvas into photo memories

It’s easy to make mini canvas into photo memories

I love how creative kids are today. With all the new technology, I am amazed how they can manipulate their photos and create fantastic ways of viewing them.

The trend today is to view photos on computers, smartphones and iPads. But, sometimes it’s nice to actually print out beautiful photographs (like the old days) and hang them in the house.

Here’s an idea to hang some favourite event photos on a small wall somewhere in your home. I recently saw a similar idea that was done on small, art canvases with wood frames. For this idea I found a few miniature canvases at Michaels that were nice and flat and easy to work with.


2-4 miniature art canvases (available at Michaels)

Glue gun

Mod Podge gloss (available at craft stores)

3-5 cm satin ribbon

Small paint brush, scissors, straight pin

Hard copy printed photographs

If you have a computer and printer at home you may want to print off a few of your favourite photos from a particular event. This idea is to hang two to three photographs from one singular event or a series of photos with a common theme.

Measure and cut your photos so that they fit nicely over the top of the canvases. The canvases I found at Michaels were four inches square.

Once you have cut your photos, apply a coat of Mod Podge to the back of the photo and glue it to the front of the canvas. Let dry and repeat with the other canvases. When the photos are firmly glued, apply a thin coat of Mod Podge to the front of the photos and let dry.

Cut a piece of ribbon approximately 60 centimetres long. Using your scissors, snip a point on one end of the ribbon. Fold over the edge on the other end of the ribbon and glue it to leave a nice, finished edge.

Lay your photos on the ribbon in the order and spacing you would like. Carefully glue the canvas photos to the ribbon using your glue gun and let dry.

To make the bow at the top of the ribbon simply cut a piece about 25 cm long and tie a bow. Attach the bow to the folded end of the ribbon with a straight pin. To hang your canvases, simply hang them on a small nail on your wall.


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