Summer Table Topping Ideas

Published July 31, 2013

Lunter Home Ideas July 19-2013      Photos Mike WakefieldThere is something nice about setting an outdoor dining table at this time of year.

The long summer days allow us to sit outside and enjoy the last of the day’s heat. If you are planning to host company anytime soon or perhaps you have a special celebration in the works, here are a few great little table setting ideas you may be able to use.

Lemon sailboat place card settings This is a cute idea I saw at a friend’s party last year. The theme was nautical and the

table was set with yellow and white decor. You will require some decorative paper, small toothpicks, white craft glue, scissors and a ballpoint pen.

To make the sailboats simply purchase a bag of lemons from your local grocery store. Wash and slice them in half. Using your scissors, cut two small sails from your decorative paper and set aside. Take a single toothpick and glue one sail to each side. Let dry. Once the sail is dry simply insert the toothpick into the lemon and place on a small, yellow napkin on each place setting. Write the attendee’s name on the sail with the ballpoint pen.

Hosta coasters If you are fortunate enough to have these beauties in your garden at this time of year then this idea is easy and fast to assemble. Simply cut a few of your larger hosta leaves from your plant and give them a good wash. Let dry and place one at each table setting with a cool glass of water on top. These hosta leaves are also fantastic wrapped around an ice bucket and secured with a piece of jute or garden twine.

Wrapping paper runner This is a cute idea for a brightly coloured luncheon theme or brunch. It’s also great for kids’ parties. We all have leftover wrapping paper in our closets. Next time you host an outdoor party simply unwind the paper and pull it across lengthwise down your table. Secure with strong tape under each end. Place your plates and co-ordinating napkins down the sides of the table.

Shower ring napkin holders Next time you are in your local dollar store, pick up a few of the plastic or wooden shower rings. These are great to use as napkin holders for a dinner party. If you are planning a nautical theme, a cute idea is to paint blue and red stripes on the white napkin ring and thread a white napkin through the hole. Place these on white plates dressed with white, red or blue napkins.

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