Seashell Votives

Published August 29, 2013

shell-candleThere’s something nice about a summer outdoor table glowing with candles.

Candlelight provides a warm ambience that really sets the tone for a calm and serene setting.

One of the ways I like to illuminate a summer table is to use elements of nature wherever possible. Here’s a nice idea for a beach theme table that takes only minutes to assemble. I found my large shells at a flea market sale. You never know when you might stumble across a great find.

Materials: Large or small shells Sand Tea lights or small votive Serving tray Bags of fine sand may be found at craft stores such as Michaels if you are in a pinch and do not have access to a nearby beach.

Pour the sand into the tray and spread evenly. If you have a tray with a wide outside rim this is best for this idea. Pouring more sand into the tray will help the shells and candles to stand upright.

Place your shells into the sand and scatter your tea lights among the candles. If you have large shells then place your tea light or votive in the centre of the shells.

Another variation of this idea is to use coloured sand pails. These may be found at your local dollar store and are wonderful for filling with sand and placing candles inside.

Place your shells inside the sand pails and illuminate your candles.

Remember to never leave candles unattended when lit.


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