Making Your Guests Feel At Home

Published September 05, 2013

side-tableOne of the things that Vancouver is known for is its fabulous weather during the month of September.

It’s the perfect time of year to host company from out of town. The leaves are changing colours and the sun is (usually) out. .. fingers crossed. So what better time to get your guest room up and running for family and friends to visit? If you are planning to host company over the next month or two you may want to take some time to prepare your guest room so that they feel completely welcome upon their arrival. A few little, extra touches can mean the world of difference to your guests and all it takes is a little planning.

The guest room should be a place for your guests to retire to at the end of the day to get some space of their own. Whether it’s reading, catching a quick nap or perhaps just some down time, this room should be set up in a way that makes them feel completely at home.

Bedding and the bed are probably the two most important elements in the room. Be sure to assemble a bed with a few extra pillows and blankets that may be stored in a nearby closet for easy retrieval during the night. A nice added touch is a feather bed on top of the mattress. You may be able to locate one on sale at this time of year.

Good lighting is always essential in a bedroom. There should be at least one reading lamp on each side of the bed. A bedside table is important as well. Guests like to leave their reading materials and other personal belongings where they can be easily accessed. A clock with an alarm is a great idea as well as a few current magazines for your guests to peruse.

I always like to have a freshly laundered bath towel, hand towel, and wash cloth in the guest bathroom as well as a fresh toothbrush and toothpaste in case it was forgotten.

The easier you make the transition from your guest’s home to yours, the more enjoyable their stay will be. Extra touches are always appreciated.

*Photo: courtesy of NS News Cindy Goodman