Pretty Paint Chips Make Great Wrapping Ideas

Published September 25, 2013

fall-gift-wrapRecently at a party, I admired this great giftwrap idea and thought it was so simple and one that is easy to share.

Ordinary paint chip samples make wonderful decorative gift wrap pieces when you use a simple patterned puncher.

Next time you wrap a gift for someone special, try this simple gift-wrap idea that takes minutes.


Paper puncher (available at craft stores)

Gift wrap paper (plain, not patterned paper is best)

White craft glue

Clear tape

Leftover paint chip cards

Ribbon (optional)

Wrap your gift in plain wrapping paper of one colour. The plain paper works best for this idea so as to not interfere with the look of the punches.

Once you have wrapped your gift, take your puncher and your leftover paint chip cards and punch out your chosen design from the cards. There are a multitude of patterned paper punches on store shelves. Look for flowers or leaves or perhaps an animal central to the theme of the party.

Glue the punches to the top and sides of the gift and wrap with ribbon if you choose.


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