Calla Lillies Brighten Thanksgiving Table

Published October 03, 2013

calla-liliesIt’s almost time to gather around the table with family and friends to celebrate another Thanksgiving.

I love this time of year with the crisp air and the changing leaves. It’s a wonderful time to reflect upon all that we are thankful for.

If you are the host for this year’s Thanksgiving feast, then you may want to try this very simple and chic table arrangement.

Too often the host is busy in the kitchen and there never seems to be enough time to plan the table and flowers. This arrangement is perfect for those who do not want to fuss with the table centrepiece.

If you visit your local grocery store or florist shop you will find a wonderful selection of calla lilies at this time of year. Burgundy, deep purples, vibrant yellow and burnt oranges are all colours that are readily available.

For this arrangement you will need a square or round clear vase, a sharp pair of floral scissors or alternatively a sharp knife and 2-3 bunches of fresh calla lilies.

Fill your vase about three-quarters full with water at room temperature, add floral preservative and set aside. Unwrap your flowers from their store wrappings and give each stem a sharp cut on an angle to the desired height of your vase.

Holding the lilies in your left hand, carefully add one lily at a time as your rotate the bouquet in your palm. After each addition, simply rotate the flowers one by one. This way a nice curved stem look is created when placed inside the vase.

Once you have arranged the flowers in their rotated fashion in the vase, lean the bunch to one side to create an off-centre look.

Scatter small candles around the outside of the vase to give your Thanksgiving table a soft glow.


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