Preparing For Fall

Published October 09, 2013

outdoor-choresIt’s time to pack away the summer furniture and dust off the indoor fireplace.

Fall is officially here and as sad as it is for some, there’s something warm and inviting about sitting by the fire on those rainy days with a good book. Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities during the fall months with the changing of the leaves on the trees and for some of us a welcome change from the heat.

I like to think of fall organizing as the opposite to spring-cleaning. A time to clean up outside as well as organize the inside for the cooler months.

This year, why not put together a small to-do list of things to accomplish so that you are ready to enjoy the fall and winter months ahead? First up should be to properly put away your outdoor patio furniture so that when you are ready to pull it out for next year, the cleaning process won’t be so arduous.

The best way to remove dirt and dust from resin and wicker is to use a vacuum or small scrub brush. Follow up with a light dusting with a soft cloth and store the furniture in a cool, dry place. Wood and glass furniture should be fine to store outside if properly covered.

Be sure to remove your hose from the spigot and drain it thoroughly before storing it away. It’s also a good idea to drain the spigot’s interior pipe and shut off the valve. If you plan to use your hose during the fall and winter months then try wrapping the tap handle with a towel. This helps prevent any freezing that may occur on the rare very cold days we get here in Vancouver.

If you plan on using any indoor gas fireplaces this winter then it may be a good idea to have them serviced. This is something that is recommended about every second or third year if you only use them for the fall and winter months.

Finally, be sure to clean your gutters before the wind and wet weather arrives. There can be a lot of buildup in the gutters over the summer months and fallen leaves in the autumn can clog the drainpipes. It’s best to clean them out and give them a good rinse with a garden hose to ensure the drainpipes are clear.


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