* New …..Homemade Christmas Cards Sparkle!

Published November 27, 2013

cards-christmas-lunterFor a dose of seasonal sparkle this year try making your own Christmas cards or invitations.

The task may sound overwhelming but if you plan to give out a small number of cards this year, then maybe this idea is for you. In these busy times it’s always nice to receive a homemade card in the mail.

Small, plain card stock is available at most stationary stores and Michaels Crafts. For these two cards, look for cards approximately 10 centimetres x 14 cm in dimension. I also recommend purchasing a paper trimmer. They really are worth their weight in gold when it comes to getting the perfect straight edge. There are many different ranges of prices of these depending on how fancy you would like to go. I find the simple ones are the best and they will not break the bank.

Holly card
My girlfriend created a card similar to this last year for our family and I loved it. It’s amazing how easy and fast this card is to make and the results are stunning. Perfect for an elegant and refined recipient.

Silver or grey card stock
Silver glitter glue
Red glitter dots (or red plastic)
Ruler and pencil

Working on the good side of the card, draw out a holly branch with three main branch and two stems off each branch using your pencil. Carefully add the silver glitter glue tracing the line along a ruler. Let dry. Once the glue has adhered and dried, add your red glitter dots in a random fashion around each branch.

Snowflake card
This card was sitting in a store window last year and I thought it was so pretty and easy to replicate. There are many sizes of snowflake punches on craft store shelves so this card is easily adaptable to large cards as well. I used a sparkle paper as a background but you can use any colour or texture of paper.

White, blue and sparkle papers (available at Michaels)
Craft glue
White printer paper
Snowflake hole punch Miniature silver dot stickers
Silver bead thread

Measure out the blue paper to fit within 0.5 cm of the white card stock edge. Cut out using your paper trimmer or sharp scissors. Glue this blue paper to the front of the white card and let dry. Cut out a piece of sparkle paper that will fit inside the front of the sparkle paper within 0.5 cm of the blue paper. Glue and let dry.
Punch out approximately 12-15 small snowflakes from the white printer paper. Glue these onto the sparkle paper in the shape of a round wreath. Add your miniature silver dot stickers and a small bow at the bottom of the wreath using the silver bead thread.

– See more at: http://www.nsnews.com/living/no-two-homemade-cards-are-alike-1.712362#sthash.g6ZwZQe8.dpuf