Quick and Easy Wreath

Published December 05, 2013

wreathEvery year I try something new on my door for the holiday season.
This year it’s all about colour. Don’t get me wrong, I love the traditional red and green for the holidays but sometimes it’s nice to change it up a little.
You have probably noticed many store windows are showcasing bright pinks, purples and blues this year for seasonal decorating. When you accompany these colours with sparkly silver and luminous gold they really do pop and grab your attention.
This year you can make a beautiful wreath in less than an hour when you purchase a “pre-made” evergreen wreath from your local nursery. These wreaths come in a variety of sizes and can act as a wonderful base to add colour and sparkle to your front entry.
Look for thick and sturdy evergreens such as noble fir to last right through the holiday season.

1 32 cm-36 cm evergreen fresh wreath
Plastic baubles (red, silver or any assorted colour)
Floral wire (or pliable wire from your local hardware store)
Pinecones and other decorative pieces

It’s really up to you to decide what you would like to put into the wreath. If you prefer a more natural look then choose pinecones, twigs and berries or for a shinier wreath look for sequined twigs and ball ornaments to really give your wreath a festive sparkle. Most of these items may be found at Michael’s crafts and Home Depot.
Hang your wreath on a sturdy nail to work on if you can.
However, if you prefer to work on a flat surface lay some newspaper out and place the wreath on top.
Start by adding your larger items first such as pinecones and the ball ornaments.
Carefully wire them in through the wreath and out the back to secure to the wire frame. Group your items in two’s and three’s.
Then begin to add your smaller items next. Twigs and berries are usually added last due to their fragility.
Once you are satisfied with the look of your wreath hang it outside on your front door. It should last through New Years Day.
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