Quick Design Tips

Published April 23, 2014

quick-and-easy-design-tipsEvery so often our homes require a design lift.

It may be that a full renovation or redesign is not necessary; however, a little brightening of colour or reorganization of furniture may be in the cards. If you’re looking for design tips to bring change to your home for the spring and summer, here are a few ideas.

Add a splash of colour to your kitchen seating or living room areas by replacing or adding a few bright cushions. Throw cushions are invaluable decorating tools that can really change the look of a room. Replace your winter greys and beiges with reds, yellows and pinks. You’ll be amazed how this simple change can have a dramatic impact within the room.

Outdoor rugs are everywhere these days. Hardware stores and carpet suppliers are carrying many at the moment in a variety of sizes, colours and patterns. Look for borders on the rugs that will coordinate with your outdoor furniture. Add a fresh plant to your coffee table or a bowl of fruit for added colour, or seashells. Be sure to go online to see what you can have ordered in.

Never underestimate the impact that fresh flowers have in a home. Not only do they provide a beautiful aroma to the room but they also provide colour and texture to any decor. Add them to your powder room and kitchen and don’t forget the dining room table.

Changing the paint colour in a room is probably the best way to get the most impact for your dollar. Paint will literally change the whole appearance and feel of a room. If you’re looking for nice, warm colours, choose rich reds and gold tones. Cooler shades such as those in the blue, green and purple families, are perfect for the heat of summer.

If you’re looking to modernize your kitchen, try open shelving. This contemporary look is everywhere these days and provides a fresh lift to most kitchens. Stack dinner plates, glassware and serving platters all in one colour to keep a simple, monochromatic look. Or switch things up and add a pop of blue or red to bring your dish display to life.