First Impressions Gift Wrap

Published May 21, 2014

Lunter  photo Mike Wakefield Apr 30 14I’ve always believed that first impressions are important, whether it’s the front entrance to your home or the invitation to your party.

Spending a little time on the presentation of a gift is also important for setting the stage for what’s inside.

Here are a couple of ideas that may make your wrapping easier.

One involves using leftover wallpaper and a tissue paper bow, and the other is a quick and easy way to use ribbon creatively.

Wallpaper and Tissue Paper Bow Once you’re finished wallpapering your bathroom or bedroom, be sure to keep the leftover pieces. Not only will they be handy for possible touch ups in the room but they also make great wrapping papers.

Wrap your gift in the wallpaper and finish it off with this easy tissue paper bow. Purchase a standard tissue paper package at your local dollar store or pharmacy and remove three to five sheets. Lay flat. The more sheets you use, the larger your bow will be.

Begin by folding your tissue paper accordionstyle until you’ve reached the end. Fold the paper in half and tie tightly with a wire.

Here is where you must decide how large you would like your bow. Trim it down accordingly.

Once you’re satisfied with the size of the bow, begin pulling all the layers of tissue paper apart to form the flower-like bow.

Attach it to the top of the gift and add an enclosure card.

Ribbon and Card Gift You can use almost any colour combination for this gift idea.

Simply wrap your gift in plain paper and cut two cards for the top section. Make a cut on each side of the top card and insert a thin ribbon through the back section and tie a bow.

Write your recipient’s name on the card.

Barb Lunter is a freelance writer with a passion for home decor, entertaining and floral design.