Graduation Party Idea: Pillar Candle with Photos

Published June 19, 2014

give-these-grad-party-ideas-a-tryIf you have a graduate in your home this year you may want to host a special dinner or perhaps a party in their honour.

There are many ideas for decorating your home and table for graduation. Here are two of my favourites to celebrate this special time of year.

Graduation Pillar Candle

I saw this idea at a friend’s home last year and thought it was really fun. Simply make colour photocopies of a few pages of your graduate’s yearbook. (Last year’s is fine if this year’s copy is not out yet).

Using a clear, glass cylinder vase (available at your local dollar store), wrap the colour photocopies around the glass and secure with tape. You may require two or three pages for each vase.

Tie a thick black ribbon around the vase and make a small bow. Place a tea light candle inside the glass vase. The photos will illuminate during the evening and make for great conversation.

Graduation Cap Centrepiece

For this idea you will require a round, cardboard box (available at Michaels), a black pushpin and a black foam board. You will also need a glue gun, tassel and black craft spray paint.

To make the hat, spray paint the cardboard hat box with the black spray paint. Let dry.

Cut the black foam board into a perfect square shape that will fit on the top of the round box. Using your glue gun, attach the board to the top of the box and let dry. Attach your tassel with the black pushpin in the centre of the foam box and place in the centre of the table.

The box may be used as a container for a flower arrangement or perhaps filled with party favors.