LED Outdoor/Indoor Decorative Balls

Published July 22, 2014

lighten-up-your-spacesOne of this year’s hot products for summer entertaining is the indoor/outdoor LED light ball.

This ball light is fantastic for entertaining on your outdoor deck or decorating a room for an indoor soiree.

Illuminating your outdoor patio can be a task especially if there is a lack of electrical outlets to plug in strings of lights. These balls are incredibly versatile for all types of functions and they can be charged and placed in any location.

I love the fact that you can change the colour of the ball with more than 12 different colour options and the balls can remain on their charger inside or outside the home or sit on their own for hours. They are also water-resistant and able to float on your pool.

Check availability on amazon.com and rona.ca. They come in small and large sizes and range in price from $139 to $250 depending on the size chosen.

If illuminating your front path is on your to-do list then try this simple but effective way to add a little sparkle to your party. Running two or three strands of clear, white mini lights along the bottom of your hedge or garden to your front door is a great way for guests to see their way to your door as well as add a little soft glow through the evening.

Simple tin cans make wonderful lanterns. Save those soup and vegetable cans and remove the labels. Wash them thoroughly and fill them with water. Place them in the freezer overnight or for four to five hours. When the ice has hardened, punch holes on the outside of the can with a small nail and hammer. You can make random designs or perhaps stars or patterns of your choice. The ice allows you to punch the holes without denting the can.

Remove the ice or let it melt and dry the can. At this point you can either leave them the way they are or paint them different colours.

Attach a wire to the top and hang or place them in various locations around your patio. Place a tea light inside to give a soft, ambient glow.