Kid's Party Hats

Published August 22, 2014

birthday-hatsYou have chosen the date, planned the menu and calmed the child.

It’s time again for another joyous birthday party. One of the most arduous tasks is trying to come up with ideas that will impress the kids and the parents.

Birthday parties can be stressful. That’s why they invented Dollar Stores. A one-stop shop for everything you need and on a very affordable budget. Whatever did we do without these glorious stores?

This year there is no need to stress out about the theme of the party. Why not just keep it fairly generic and have a few fun-themed items prepared ahead of time?

If you have time for anything . . . focus on the table. Loot bags for the little ones are always appreciated but the table should be a primary focus.

Dollar stores carry everything from the decorations to the paper plates, cups and craft items you may need to make the place settings.

Here’s a simple and fun idea you can do with the kids to decorate the table and give as a gift for the little ones to take home.


Miniature Dixie Cups (available at grocery stores)

Coloured craft paper (available in large pads at Michael’s Crafts)

Glue gun and scotch tape

Miniature pom poms (available at craft stores)

Google eyes, glitter, ribbon and other small decorations (optional)

Tissue paper (assorted colours)

Scissors and tape

The actual assembly of these little hats is quite simple. If you are unable to find the little Dixie Cups, here’s a quick way to make the hats out of the coloured craft paper.

Using the bottom of a jar or vase, draw out a 10-15 centimetre circle on the wrong side of the craft paper. Cut out the circle using your scissors. Repeat for as many hats as you require.

Make a cut with your scissors into the middle of the circle. Carefully fold the circle around until a cone is formed. Secure with tape or a glue gun. Let dry.

To decorate the hats, combine complimentary or contrasting coloured miniature pom poms and other decorations to add to the outside edges. Add glitter to the bottom edges or cut strips of coloured tissue paper and make small slits to form a fringe.

Glue to the bottom edge of the hat.

I used google eyes for some of mine and they turned out great. The kids will have a ball decorating these and they can help you set the table. Work that’s fun . . . right?

It works every time for me. . . .