Christmas Tree Card

Published November 22, 2014

Christmas cardNow that the holiday season is upon us it’s a wonderful opportunity to get started on your holiday cards.

Everyone appreciates a homemade card.

It’s the time and effort that one puts into a card that makes us want to keep them after the holidays are over.

The fact that someone special put aside time to make you a sentimental card may make you inclined to put it away for safe keeping rather than tossing it into the trash once the holidays are over.

If you have a little time to make your own cards this year, here is a cute idea that requires minimal materials and takes only minutes to make.


  • Plain white greeting cards with envelopes (all supplies available at Michaels)
  • Small snowflake punch
  • Assorted greencoloured papers (may be found in booklets)
  • Craft glue and pencil
  • Beads (optional)


Using your snowflake punch, make approximately 50-100 snowflakes in all different shades of green paper. It’s nice to get a varied mix of colours for this idea. Put them aside.

Draw a very faint triangular-shaped Christmas tree on the front side of your greeting card to form the shape of the tree.

Glue your snowflakes to the outline of this shape making sure you stay inside the drawing. Fill the triangle shape completely.

Add more snowflakes to the top layer to give the tree a little colour and depth.

Choose a pretty coloured snowflake to sit atop the tree.

Glue your beads to the base and let dry.

Note: If you plan to mail the card, then try flat beads or miniature pom poms for the base of the tree.

The round beads may become damaged in the mail.