White Winter Rose Wreath

Published December 03, 2014

wreathIt’s always nice to make a different kind of wreath every year for the holiday season.

Over the past years I have made many traditional evergreen wreaths, ones with colourful baubles and some very modern feather ones.

This year I thought I would make a doorknob rose wreath. This wreath is simple, classic and takes only 30-40 minutes to assemble.

It’s a beautiful addition to any front door and is made of artificial roses so it will last a long time.

The idea behind this wreath is to hang it on a doorknob either on the outside of a door or on the inside of a door.

If you wish you can purchase a 14-or 16-inch wreath from a craft or garden store and hang this wreath on your front door. Just be aware that you will need to purchase quite a few roses to entirely cover the wreath form.

Alternatively, if you shop around you may be able to find beautiful freeze-dried roses at selected nurseries. These roses look remarkably real and will last a very long time (as they are permanent) but are quite costly.

Materials: 26-centimetre green wire wreath frame (available at craft and garden stores); 20-24 artificial rose heads (cream or red); Floral wire (available at craft stores); Satin or gross grain ribbon; Glue gun.

Remove your roses from their stems and set aside. Calculate how many roses you will require to fill the wreath form. You will likely require 20-24 to completely fill the frame.

Using your glue gun, carefully add a dab of glue to the end of each rose and place inside the green wire frame. Repeat until the entire frame is covered. Add rose buds or greenery if desired. Cut a piece of ribbon approximately 24 inches in length. Snip the ends on an angle and tie a bow through the wreath so that the bow is snug.

Hang the wreath from the wire frame on the doorknob or on a small finishing nail on your front door.


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