Brighten Up Your Easter Table

Published April 02, 2015

Easter egg vase 2webIt’s true that April showers bring May flowers but why wait until May to bring spring flowers indoors for a fabulous Easter centrepiece?

Fresh cut tulips and other spring flowers are available in many grocery stores and floral shops at the moment for a relatively inexpensive price.

Bundle a few together for a whimsical table centrepiece to impress your guests this Easter.


  • One large, round or square, clear, glass vase
  • One small, round or square, clear, glass vase (to fit inside)
  • Assortment of brightly coloured spring flowers
  • Small Easter candy such as jelly beans or miniature chocolate eggs
  • Ribbon (optional)
  • Floral scissors or a sharp paring knife


In order to achieve the candy exterior appearance with your vase, you’ll need to fit a smaller vase inside the larger one, making sure you have at least six millimetres of space between the two vases. Check the distance by inserting a small candy to see if it fits inside. Once you have checked this, fill in the remaining sides of the vase by pouring the candies into the crevices.

Fill the inner vase with room temperature water and set aside.

Remove your flowers from their packaging and clip the elastic bands off with a sharp pair of scissors. Using a single tulip or other flower, measure the desired height you would like your arrangement to be. Clip the remaining ends of the other flowers with a sharp pair of floral scissors or a paring knife to the desired height.

If you’re using tulips, remember they continue to grow over time when cut and placed in water. It’s best to cut each stem a little shorter than you wish.

Place your flowers one by one into the water-filled vase, making sure to evenly distribute the colours. Once the vase is full, add a pretty ribbon to finish it off.