Graduation Fun

Published June 11, 2015

Presentation is key. These little graduation hat boxes are perfect for gift giving.

Presentation is key. These little graduation hat boxes are perfect for gift giving.

IT’S the season for caps and gowns and celebrating your student’s big day.

They have waited a long time for this day to come so why not celebrate it in style?

If you are planning to give a small graduation gift to your teenager or perhaps a friend, here’s a cute way to gift-wrap it. All the supplies for this idea are available at your local dollar store or Michaels Crafts.


Black construction paper (heavy weight)

Small, round gift box (available at dollar stores)

Yellow yarn or embroidery thread

Glue and glue gun (or Mod Podge)

Black, acrylic paint and paintbrush

Scissors Yellow miniature pom pom or yellow bead

These gift boxes can be made in all different sizes depending on the size of the gift you intend to give to your recipient. I like to make them fairly small to fit something like a gift card.

Begin by painting your small, round box with the black acrylic paint. Repeat with a second coat and let dry.

While the box is drying, cut out a square shape from your construction paper to fit on the flat side of the box. Once the box is dry, glue the square shape on to the flat side.

To make the tassel, wind 10-12 loops of yellow yarn together and tie off one end. Make a knot at the other end of the yarn approximately two-thirds of the way down.

Cut the loop ends to make the tassel. Glue the opposite knotted end to the centre of the square lid. Glue your yellow pom pom over the knot to secure.

Place a little money or gift card inside the box before presenting it to the graduate.

Another nice idea to accompany your gift is to make a simple graduation card. Craft stores are full of graduation scrapbook artwork accessories at the moment so it’s easy to assemble a homemade card in minutes.