Solar Powered Outdoor Lights

Published June 24, 2015

solar-lights-effective-in-lighting-the-wayWould you like to illuminate the path to your home’s front door or perhaps add a few subtle spotlights to a number of feature trees in your yard?

Solar garden lights are a wonderful means of harnessing the sun’s energy and illuminating your home for the summer months.

These outdoor yard lights have advanced  in technology and have increased the effectiveness of their lighting. They are designed to generate and store their own power during the day and release it in the evening.

Over the years there has been uncertainty regarding the capability of these lights to harness enough power for sufficient light. However, manufacturers have improved the technology and I was pleasantly surprised at how much light they actually generate once the sun is down.

The Hampton Bay 3 Pack Solar LED Spotlight Set from Home Depot costs $40 for a remote highefficiency solar panel and three spotlights that can be placed in areas where wiring does not exist. The lights are easy to install and take only minutes to assemble. I liked the fact that the solar panel can be placed in an area of full sun while the three spotlights can be moved into areas a fair distance from the panel. The dual mode solar light offers run times of six hours up to 10 hours depending on the mode setting you choose. The set also includes a rechargeable lithium battery. These lights are fantastic for outdoor cottages and cabins where there is no electricity. Use them for illuminating paths at night to allow guests to move safely around the property. Look for the Hampton Bay sets and other varieties in the lighting section of your local Home Depot store.