Vancouver Candle Company

Published July 01, 2015

Unknown-3 Unknown-1Have you ever wondered why we are drawn to candles?

Perhaps a warm, flickering candle is a bit like a blanket to comfort us when the sun disappears and the cooler weather moves in for the evening?

Whatever the reason, there’s no question that candles provide a soothing light in a distant corner. We are drawn to their wonderful scents and aromas and they have a tendency to remind us of times past.

We are fortunate enough to have two North Shore residents who have taken it upon themselves to develop and produce some of the best candles on the market. Nick Rabuchin and Farouk Babul were tired of purchasing poorly burning, expensive candles from interior design stores. After doing some research into candles they discovered a number of companies were using harmful additives, such as crude oil by-products, poor quality fragrances and lead in their wicks.

Inspired by our beautiful city, the two set out to produce handmade, premium soy wax blend candles and name them after some of their favourite neighbourhoods here in Vancouver.

Rabuchin firmly believes in the traditional craft of candle making. Each 60-hour burning candle is carefully handcrafted in their 150-square-foot studio in Mount Pleasant. Produced in small batches using 100 per cent cotton wicks and perfume-grade fragrance and essential oils, they use only the finest local, ethically sourced materials free of potentially harmful additives. This process is truly a labour of love for Rabuchin as he personally signs and numbers each box.

The packaging is crisp, bright and beautifully designed with each one having its own designated colour and name depending on the neighbourhood. Look for the Kitsilano candle with fresh and floral overtones reminding us of the beach. The Gastown candle is

musky and edgy with notes of black pepper, tobacco, leather and amber. And coming up in the next few weeks will be the launch of the North Shore candle, a perfect pairing of spruce, coriander, sage and mandarin that will remind us of walking through our favourite trails here on the North Shore.

These candles may currently be found at Country Furniture in North Vancouver and Caulfeild Pharmasave in West Vancouver, retailing for $35 each. Or you can order them online on their website at

The perfect gift that is eco-friendly yet affordable enough for us to enjoy ourselves at home.

Barb Lunter is a freelance writer with a passion for home decor, entertaining and floral design.