Summer Outdoor Entertaining Ideas

Published July 17, 2015

Slate-Cheese-board-300x222I am always amazed how people set their buffet tables over the summer and the creativity that unfolds.

Here are a few of my favourites that I have seen over the spring and summer months. All are very easy to do and produce pretty results.

Rose Napkins 

This is a simple and fun idea for either an outdoor buffet dinner or indoor soirée. Simple paper napkins can be rolled into roseshaped cylinders and placed in a pretty container for your dining guests. I purchased inexpensive pink napkins from my local dollar store and unfolded them from their four-fold. Fold them back in half and begin rolling one end loosely until the end is reached. Stack them in your favorite silver or glass decorative bowl. Wicker baskets look lovely for this idea as well.

Slate Cheese Plate 

Who knew a simple slate tile could make such a pretty cheese platter? I never tire of this idea and each time I see it there is a different spin on its presentation. Next time you tile your bathroom or front foyer in black or grey slate, be sure to keep the extra tiles. They make wonderful cheese platters when you place your Brie and Camembert cheeses upon them. Using a piece of white chalk, write the name of each cheese on the slate. Very simple and very chic.

Shower Ring Napkin Life Preservers 

This is such a cute idea for a nautical-themed dinner or a kid’s party. Simple, white wooden shower rings work beautifully as napkin holders when decorated as colourful life preservers. Use a coloured Sharpie pen or coloured embroidery thread to create four stripes around each shower ring. Reds and blues work nicely for this idea. Insert a white cloth napkin into the shower ring and place on each plate.

For added effect, create a miniature sailboat by slicing a lemon in half and place cut side up on each place setting. Insert a toothpick that has been previously glued with a miniature white flag at the top. Add your guest’s name on the flag.

Whiteboard Charger for a Kid’s Party 

We have seen chalkboard placemats and chargers made from outdoor green leaves but what about a whiteboard charger for a kid’s party? Purchase a small whiteboard that is large enough for a kid’s-size plate to go on top. Write each child’s name on their corresponding place setting with different coloured white board pens. The kids can use the white board at the table and take them home after the party is done.