Monochromatic Floral

Published September 09, 2015

greening-your-approachThere is no written rule that all flower arrangements must be in colour.

In fact, I find that some of the prettiest ones, especially in modern decors, are quite simple and monochromatic.

I recently came across an all green flower arrangement at a party and loved the simplicity of it. It’s so easy to assemble and you can choose whatever favourite greens you prefer at your local floral supplier.


  • One clear, circular or square glass vase
  • Green floral (examples: green hydrangea, green chrysanthemums, green ball dianthus)
  • Floral preservative
  • Floral wire
  • Sharp floral scissors or a sharp knife
  • Aspidistra leaves or hosta leaves
  • Optional: Lily grass and faux greenery tape (available at floral supply stores)


Clean your floral container of any dirt or debris. Let it dry and set aside.

This next step has two options. The first is to line the inside of your clear vase with the faux, green floral tape. The other option is to use a fresh aspidistra leaf or hosta leaf. You will need to trim both options to properly fit inside the glass vase.

Once you have completed this step you can then fill your vase threequarters full with room temperature water. Set aside.

Remove your green flowers from their wrappings and be sure to remove any leaves from the stems.

Holding your flower stem in your right hand, begin to place one stem at a time into your left hand. As you add the stems be sure to fan them out one at a time remembering to rotate the stems as you add. Add one at a time as you rotate the bouquet until the desired size is achieved. Tie off the stem as high as you can, closest to the top of the flower heads as possible.

Trim the bottom ends of each stem to the desired height of the vase. The bouquet should be able to fit snugly inside the vase. Fill the vase with more water.

Fold over one aspidistra leaf and tie off with the wire. Use the free end of the wire to insert into the side of the flower arrangement.

At this point you may add the lily grasses beside the aspidistra leaf if room permits.

Barb Lunter is a freelance writer with a passion for home decor, entertaining and floral design.