It's A Wrap!

Published October 14, 2015

make-your-own-gift-wrapMaking your own wrapping paper is not as time consuming as you might think.

If you would really like to impress someone special and make a great first impression then this idea is for you. All the materials may be purchased at your local craft store. Be sure to make the wrapping paper at least one day ahead to allow it to properly dry.


  • Plain, white wrapping paper (available at craft stores)
  • Sponge applicator with a round tip
  • Gold metallic paint (or optional colours)


If you were planning to use gold paint then I would recommend Martha Stewart’s line of metallic acrylic paints. However, this idea works for all colours of paint as well. Begin by laying out a sheet of white wrapping paper on a large, clean work surface. Carefully dip the round sponge applicator into the pre-poured acrylic paint and apply it to the paper, working from left to right.

Once the paper is completely covered, let it dry overnight. Repeat on the other sheets of white paper with additional colours of paint. If you are planning to give a housewarming gift anytime soon, especially if it is intended for the kitchen, then try using an attractive tea towel as your wrap instead of traditional wrapping paper. Tie off the towel with raffia or a pretty organza ribbon.

Apples sliced in half also make wonderful stamps for homemade wrapping paper. Simply slice the apple in half and dip it in acrylic paint. Apply the stamp to plain white or brown wrapping paper. Use different colours with different apple slices. Once dry, add a stem with a black Sharpie marker.