Happy Halloween!

Published October 28, 2015

greet-trick-or-treaters-with-spooky-decorPlay into the spirit of this year’s Halloween season with some simple but effective decorations.

Boost the fright factor with glowing eyes in the front bushes and create a spine-chilling spectacle with eerie pumpkins along the way to your door. We don’t always have time to create the most elaborate Halloween decor but here are a few ideas that you can assemble quite inexpensively and at the last minute if you are in a pinch for time.

Glowing eyes 

These little eyes are really effective when placed strategically in the greenery at your front door or along the front path. The idea is quite simple.

Leftover toilet paper rolls are cut out with different styles of eye patterns. Choose a few templates that you may like from the Internet or simply draw free hand on the rolls. Cut the eyes out with a pair of nail scissors. Set aside. Purchase multiple packs of glow sticks in various colours from your local dollar store. Activate the sticks by snapping them in different places until they glow. Place inside the toilet paper roll and seal off the ends with black electrician tape. Insert the glowing eyes in and around the greenery at the front door.

Cookie cutter pumpkins 

Let’s face it. We are not all Leonardo da Vinci when it comes to designing a pumpkin face.

If you are like me, then Halloween cookie cutters come in handy.

Look for bats and ghosts in your local craft store. Once you have cleaned out your pumpkin use the cookie cutter to punch out designs around the surface of the pumpkin.

Don’t forget to illuminate the pumpkin with a candle or battery-operated tea light.

Mummy front door 

Dress up your front door this year as a mummy in minutes.

Purchase a large sheet of black construction paper from your local dollar store. You will also require small pieces of yellow and white construction paper.

Cut out two large round circles for the eyes from the yellow paper and two smaller black circles as the pupils.

Glue or tape the black construction paper to the upper third of your door. Add the yellow and black eyes. Wrap your door in white toilet paper in a mummy fashion, overlapping pieces as you go.

You can also make the eyes in white with black pupils as well.

Happy Halloween!