Christmas Cards

Published December 10, 2015

crafting-cards-that-sparkleThis year create sparkling Christmas cards to accompany your gifts under the tree.

These cards are easy to make if you remember to purchase all the supplies ahead of time. I love using silver and gold during the holiday season. It’s a great excuse to pull out the glitter and ribbons and create something personal for that special someone.

Gold Glitter TreeĀ 

This card is a combination of five different elements. You will need to purchase a blank note card, gold ribbon, gold glitter and a miniature star. You will also require a thin wooden dowel.

I was able to find a brown card with gold dots already printed on it. You may still be able to find something like this at your local stationary store or craft outlet. Miniature gold dot stickers may also be added for the same effect.

Cut your wooden dowel to two-thirds the vertical length of the card. Use a glue gun to attach to the front of the card.

Cut a piece of ribbon that will wrap four times around the wooden dowel to form the shape of a tree.

Glue one of the ends to the top of the wooden dowel and bend the ribbon from left to right to form the branches of the tree. Glue the remaining end to the bottom right hand corner of the card.

Apply glue to your miniature star and sprinkle it with gold glitter. Let it dry. Attach the gold star to the top of the wooden dowel.

Ornament CardĀ 

This card is so pretty and takes only minutes to assemble. Purchase a blank white note card or make your own on card stock paper. I printed my Christmas message on a standard printer but you can also hand write a message if you wish.

You will require two to three sticker dot packages from your local craft store. A large card will use approximately 45-50 dots.

Trace a circle on the front side of your card with a fine pencil. Add your sticker dots to completely fill the circle and form a perfect ornament shape.

Add a ribbon bow to the top of the ornament and if you wish you can glue a small bead and silver thread on the top of the ribbon for added effect. Write your personal message inside the card.