Window Films

Published April 01, 2016

window-filmsWhen it comes to privacy in the bathroom, there really aren’t a lot of options for window treatments, especially when the most common forms such as window blinds and fabric drapes are prone to mildew.

An alternative choice is adhesive window films. These days this form of window treatment is everywhere, from retail window fronts to decorative etched glass designs inside homes as feature walls.

If you’re looking for a little privacy in your bathroom but don’t want to bother with the hassle or cost of having custom blinds or drapes made then this may be the solution for you.

You have many choices as to what product to purchase; however, experts will most often recommend a professional whenever possible to apply the window films. There are varying degrees as to the quality of the product and it’s good to do a little research before spending your money.

If you are a real do-ityourself kind of person, then Home Depot offers a product called Artscape Etched Glass window film ($43). This product adheres to any smooth glass surface and is available in 36×72-inch panels that can be trimmed and combined to fit in any sized window. Artscape window film provides UV protection and is unaffected by heat, cold, steam or humidity. Be sure to purchase a window film application kit as well such as the Gila Complete Window Film Application Kit at Home Depot for $12. This kit includes an edging tool, card squeegee, application solution and a low lint cloth.

If you prefer to have a professional do your window for you then 3M offers professional window films that are available to the trade. Professionals will tell you that these window films are of a higher and better quality in terms of protection and ease of application. However, you will have to pay a little more for the product as well as the hourly rate of the glass professional.

The choice is yours. Many feel the do-it-yourself kits are just as good. It’s best to talk to the professionals and make an educated decision based on your level of ability to properly do the job.

I had this done on one of my front windows and love the simplicity of the look. I think for contemporary and modern interiors this look is a must.


*Photo: courtesy NS News Mike Wakefield