Flowers 101

Published February 22, 2017

27286ac5fc9e54450aee8463b6fd0aa9 2You don’t have to have professional training in floral design to put together an impressive arrangement.

There are some very easy tricks to arrange a quick floral arrangement that you can master in minutes.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Floral tape

This is a must-do for a wide-mouth vase or large container. Have you ever tried to arrange flowers in a large bowl?

It is difficult because the flowers fall by the sides. Use floral tape to form a grid across the top of the container to help support your arrangement. If you don’t happen to have floral tape on hand (you can pick it up at florists and craft stores), this idea can be done with ordinary scotch tape or masking tape as well.

Make sure your bowl is completely dry when applying the tape grid.

Bubble wrap

If you would like to make a floating flower arrangement then this tip is for you. Flowers look beautiful when they float upon the water in a large container.

However, most flowers tend to sink over time. If you cut a piece of clear bubble wrap and form a little skirt under the flower head the flower will float for hours.

Floral frogs

These little frogs are worth the investment if you like to make the occasional floral arrangement for your home. You can find them at floral shops. They are often found in lead, glass and pottery versions and they will hold even the trickiest flower arrangement in place.

Disguise your stems

If you are using a clear vase it can be tricky to disguise the messy stems in the water. Using a green leaf, such as an aspidistra, will alleviate this problem. Simply wrap the green leaf within the vase and add water. Grocery stores also carry artificial green wrap that you can purchase.

Vase within a vase

This is probably one of my favourite ways to spice up a flower arrangement. Simply insert a smaller vase into a larger one. Add lemons or limes around the smaller vase and fill the small vase with water. This is a wonderful way to add drama and pizazz to a simple flower arrangement.

When in doubt, stick to one type of flower

Sometimes it’s not so easy to combine a group of flowers that all co-ordinate with each other. If in doubt, it’s best to buy four or five bunches of the same colour and type of flower. This look is very elegant and simple and easy to assemble. Try calla lilies, tulips and roses in three separate vases.

You will be impressed with the results.

Barb Lunter is a freelance writer with a passion for home decor, entertaining and floral design.  See her staging work at