Entertain Outdoors!

Published September 06, 2017

The sun is out and it’s time to party!

Having a few friends over doesn’t have to be stressful.

If you take a little time to plan ahead, it will all fall into place. Here are a few of my favorite outdoor party ideas that you can assemble in minutes with items already around your household.

Fruit Stand

This is a cute idea to not only provide fresh fruit on your bar table but also to add a great splash of colour.

Stack limes, oranges, lemons and other whole fruit on simple pedestal cake stands. Keep the fruit monochromatic and display it together.

Beverage Wheel Barrow

I love this idea for serving cold drinks on a warm summer day. A simple garden wheelbarrow is transformed into a “help yourself” bar. Give your wheelbarrow a good clean and then fill it with five to six large bags of ice from your grocery store.

Fill it with bottled beverages and hang a small bottle opener on the handle. Another variation is to use an empty, large garden pot. Fill the bottom of the pot with a large bowl to take up some space. This way you don’t have to actually fill the whole pot with ice.

Terra Cotta Pot Utensil Holders

This is a cute idea to display your cutlery for a buffet meal. Paint two or three medium size terra cotta pots with colourful acrylic paint. Yellow, red, blue and green all look great on these little pots.

Once they are dry fill them with forks, knives and spoons.

Mason Jar Place Settings To Go

Once again the simple Mason jar is used for a pretty garden party idea. Wrap your fork, knife and spoon in a colourful napkin and place inside a large mason jar. Display the jars at the end of your buffet table.

Your guests will simply take a jar with  their cutlery and beverage container all in one.