Accessorizing Your Coffee Table

Published November 08, 2017

If your coffee table looks like mine, it’s probably full of magazines, coasters and a few television remotes. Does this sound familiar?

Coffee tables are a central part of living room décor.

Styling your coffee table is very easy and with a little planning you can have it looking in tip -top shape.

Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

These are probably one of the key elements to styling your coffee table. Use candles and candle holders in different shapes and sizes. This will give the table some interest and make it visually appealing. Use decorative containers for your candles and combine short and tall pillar candles with tall tapers.

Coffee Table Books
Not only do the coffee table books look great stacked on your table but they also add a pop of colour and texture to the table’s surface.

If you prefer a monochromatic look then choose two or three coffee table books that are all in one colour tone. Black and white or all cream would work nicely together for example.

If you prefer a pop of colour, try grouping a set of three fuchsia pink or lime green books and match the candle to the colour theme.

Flower arrangements are an integral part of coffee table styling.

Flowers provide that very necessary texture and colour to the centre of your coffee table. They add a touch of nature to the table and bring life to the room. Choose a green succulent or live plant and place in a decorative pot. Be bold with your choice of flowers or plants.

Make a strong statement in the room with this accessory.

Often designers will use trays of different sizes and shapes to group all the table accessories together. It’s a great design element and really works to pull everything in one place. Look for silver or wood trays depending on the decorating theme of your room.

I love the mirror and copper trays on store shelves right now. Copper is a very hot décor trend at the moment and looks fantastic with shades of cream and white.

Decorative Accessories
Lastly, one of designers’ favourite items to dress a coffee table is the very important decorative accessory.

It may be a photo frame, a round glass ball or perhaps just a small sculpture. Choose an accessory that best matches the theme of your room. If you have a modern décor, then stick to modern accessories.

Country themed rooms would benefit from rustic style décor items and so on. Whatever you choose, be sure to keep the table as uncluttered as possible. Less is more when it comes to styling your coffee table.

*From Barb Lunter: NS News, Glacier Community Media

Barb Lunter is a freelance writer with a passion for home decor, entertaining and floral design. She also runs Blu Dog Staging & Redesign.