Storing Your Holiday Decorations

Published January 04, 2018

The parties are over and the celebrations have ended.

It’s always a little sad when the holiday season is done for the year. It can also be frustrating to face all the holiday decorations that must come down.

In order to make it easier for next year, try storing your holiday decorations in proper containers rather than tossing them all in one box.

Here are some easy and clever ways to store this year’s decorations:

Egg Cartons
These are fantastic to store small ball ornaments. The small perforations seem to fit the small balls perfectly. Close the lid and stack these cartons in a plastic tub until next year.

Clear Garment Bags
These garment bags work wonderfully for storing large rolls of wrapping paper. Insert the tubes vertically in the garment bags and hang in a closet. You can also use wire hangers to store your artificial wreaths.

Cardboard Box Flaps
Keep your large cardboard box tops to store your miniature indoor/outdoor light strands. Use a box cutter to remove the flaps from the tops and bottoms of the boxes. Wrap your strands of miniature lights around the box flaps. Make a small slit in the top section of the flap to secure the ends of the light strand.

Clear Tubs
These are invaluable for storing your decorations because you can see through the boxes when they are stacked in your storage area. This is great when you are specifically looking for something. These clear tubs are available in a variety of shapes and sizes for bulbs, ornaments, wrapping papers and other decorating items. If you really want to keep your hanging ornaments orderly, then make two holes at each end of the tub and insert a finished wrapping paper roll in each hole. Hang your ornaments on the rolls and place the lid on top.

Take Out Containers
Whether they are plastic or cardboard, these little takeout containers are fantastic to store small ornaments and ribbons. Stack them inside the plastic tub. Plastic apple containers are wonderful for storing large ball ornaments and plastic water bottles may be used to store beaded garlands.

Don’t forget about the Ziploc bags. The larger size work really well for large, ball ornaments and the smaller ones are ideal for ornament hanging hooks and tinsel.