Rich luxe colours of years prior may be making a comeback

Published October 14, 2018

Is it too early for colour of the year forecasts for 2019?

Pantone, a widely recognized authority on colour that provides colour standards for the design industry and beyond, usually makes its announcement in early December.

Dulux Paints, for example, has come out with its 2019 Colour and Décor trends and the colours definitely reflect a desire for a redefined indulgence. Dulux has chosen two colours for 2019, which they feel, are a modern expression of lustrous richness.

Both colours are deep, luxurious greens that are versatile enough to work in either a traditional or contemporary setting. Think of old-school elegance mixed with a touch of sophistication. The green hues bring depth to living spaces and are symbolic of consumers’ desire for positive change.

The first is called Night Watch and it’s a colour inspired by nature. Imagine a colour that emulates the feeling of lush greenery with the ability to be used as a neutral or an accent colour. This colour blends beautifully with soft grey-browns and warm sandy beiges. Combine it with an intense rust tone like Lucky Penny for an added effect.

Night Watch is a very versatile colour that will work in either a traditional or contemporary setting. Dulux believes that it’s a good pairing with metallic finishes and pewter tones to create a dynamic statement.

Mojito Shimmer is the second choice for their colour of the year. This colour is the perfect complement to Night Watch as it features a distinctive, lustrous frosty-green coating that really adds a wow factor to interior walls. It can be found in Dulux’s Effects Finishes Venetian Silk collection.

It’s recommended to use Night Watch on the majority of your walls and Mojito Shimmer on a feature wall.

Both colours emulate the feeling of a lush greenery and give the room a sense of calm while at the same time injecting it with an invigorating feel.

And if you feel you’re ready to jump back into the world of deep, earthy green tones within the spaces of your home, I recommend checking out these two colours along with the rest of Dulux’s 2019 Colour Palette

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