Small Additions Can Spruce Up The Tiniest Of Dorm Rooms

Published September 11, 2019

The kids are back at school. If you have a university-bound student in your family you have probably been assisting them with packing for dorm life.

When you think about it, their dorm room could be one of the smallest spaces they will inhabit in their lifetime.

That’s why it’s important to think creatively about how they will keep and locate all that they need in such a small space.

After having two kids go through this before, I was fortunate enough to have wonderful friends and family help us through this process and pass on some great tips. The good news is that there are some storage items available now on the marketplace that will help make this process a smooth one for your student.

Firstly, I always recommend taking small tools to the dorm room. Hammer, nails, screwdrivers, extra batteries are great to help set up the room. Be sure to check with the administration to see if small finishing nails are allowed on the walls.

I also love the Command 3M strips that can purchased at Home Depot. These are fantastic for temporary hangings of artwork and other items. They hold a lot of weight (check the weight assigned to each package) and they can be removed without damaging the walls.

Look for “under the bed” storage ideas. Baskets make wonderful storage areas and are stylish as well. A refrigerator storage cart is another great item to purchase. It’s a wonderful space saver and fills many organizational needs.

A must buy is a bedside caddy. This is fantastic for storing books, phones, calculators, pens and glasses. It fits on the side of the student’s bed and is neat and tidy. You can find many styles of “bedshelfies,” which is basically an adjustable floating nightstand, online or at your local retailer.

A shower curtain with outside pockets is great for organizing and storing toiletries. It’s an inexpensive multipurpose idea that every dorm bathroom should have.

Other good investments for the dorm room are closet door organizers and “over the door” laundry hampers.

And don’t forget the tried but true clothes hanger with shower rings. Laugh if you want but this scarf and belt organizer idea has withstood the test of time.

Barb Lunter is a freelance writer with a passion for home decor, entertaining and floral design. She also runs Blu Dog Staging & Redesign. You can find more information at