Drapery Rod 101

Published July 20, 2012

We all love to decorate our homes. Finding the right couch  for the living room, the right area rug and coffee table all take proper planning and time. The same applies for the drapes we hang on our windows. Drapery... Continue reading →

Decorating Choices

Decorating involves many choices within the home and for most homeowners this task can be very daunting. Cost usually plays a major role in where your dollars are spent. But where is it worth spending more and where can you... Continue reading →

Choosing Windows For Your Home

When it comes to choosing windows for your home, there are many factors to consider. The type of window you choose will affect your comfort level within the home, your furnishings and valuables and most importantly your lifestyle. It’s important... Continue reading →

Choosing Mouldings For Your Home

Architectural details such as mouldings can create the illusion of height and depth in a room and have the ability to camouflage irregular walls. They can also give a room grace and presence and help define its style. Decorators will... Continue reading →

Choosing an Electrician

After many hours of searching for the perfect chandelier for our house, I finally came upon one and was secretly hoping that it would be hung for the weekend. “Don’t call an electrician honey, I can easily do it”, my... Continue reading →

Adding Life to Your Staircase

There's no question that renovating your home is an uplifting experience. The problem is after the renovation is completed our eye is often drawn to the weak spots of the room. Sometimes this weak spot is the staircase. It's almost... Continue reading →

Eco-Friendly Products

It seems everywhere you look these days, consumers are finding more ways to eat healthy, exercise and choose healthier products in their day-to-day life. One popular trend is to opt for more eco-friendly building products for renovations and residential construction.... Continue reading →

Protecting Your Floor

If you have recently installed a new floor or perhaps have noticed your existing one is getting quite scratched it may be time to have a look a the culprits causing this wear and tear and do something about it... Continue reading →

Kitchen Faucets

Are you in the market for a new kitchen renovation? Perhaps you are just interested in doing a small makeover involving a new kitchen sink and faucet? There are lots of new trends in the kitchen faucet arena and here... Continue reading →

Cost-Friendly Kitchen Updates

Let’s face it; the kitchen is probably one of the liveliest rooms in the home. The comings and goings of this area are constant on a daily basis and so the wear and tear can happen quite quickly. If you... Continue reading →