Making Your Invitations Special

Published September 19, 2012

I'VE always admired pretty invitations. Every special occasion deserves a well thought-out invitation. After all, the invite sets the tone and theme of the event so a little planning and design is probably warranted. It's not always easy to create... Continue reading →

Photo Transfers on Back to School Bags

Published September 12, 2012

THE lunches are packed and they are off! Surprise your little one this year with a send-off to remind them of their fabulous summer. Iron-on transfers are wonderful for tote bags, Tshirts and all sorts of garment items. Avery makes... Continue reading →

Forget "greige"…now it's all about beige!

Published August 28, 2012

Forget "greige"…now it's all about beige. Oh I know you are probably saying "how boring" but the fact is most of us like coming home to a quiet and serene palette of calm. I for one, like the fact that... Continue reading →

Wallpapers Are Back!

Published July 20, 2012

Have you noticed all the wallpapers emerging everywhere in magazines? It’s the newest tool in the interior designer’s book of tricks and as old as it is, it’s making a comeback. To some it may sound passé; however, today’s selection... Continue reading →


It used to be that wainscotting was traditionally used to prevent older homes from the notorious "rising damp". Rising damp occurred in many older homes and buildings when water from the ground would make its way up vertically through a... Continue reading →

The Pantry

Let's face it, having a central place to store our ingredients for cooking just makes things so much easier. Pantries do not have to be large, separate rooms. They can simply be as large as a room or as small... Continue reading →

Springtime Centerpiece: Tea Light Inside Tulip

I love tulips, especially when they all come out for spring. A nice way to show off the splendor of tulips is to use them in a spring centerpiece for your next dinner party. I try to use a multitude... Continue reading →

Renovation Adds Charm and Grace

Renovating this character home's kitchen was all about making a statement in a small space. With careful planning and the use of warm bold colours Barb and Kirby Kinnon were able to achieve a stylish kitchen suitable for entertaining and... Continue reading →

Playing The House Number Game…Do It Right

I've always felt that first impressions matter when you approach a home. One of the factors that determines the first impression is the style and location of the address numbers that are chosen. The presentation should be clear and easily... Continue reading →

Home Staging and Styling

If I had to sell my house, I would need to do a few things. Firstly, the bathrobe wearing, bunny slipper clad, unshaven husband in the recreation room, would be gone. Secondly, the ten-year old boy’s door would get a... Continue reading →