It’s All In The Framework

Published July 20, 2012

When you make an investment in a beautiful piece of artwork it’s important to remember that the framing of the art is just as important as the art itself. Whether it’s a photograph or perhaps a print, the key is... Continue reading →

Rose Petals as a Centerpiece

Every so often I come upon an idea by accident. While grocery shopping one morning I noticed the clerk in the floral department tossing beautiful, multicolored rose petals in the garbage receptacle. I thought to myself what a waste of... Continue reading →

Easter Egg Ideas

There's nothing more fun for the kids than coloring Easter Eggs. Whether it's a bright display for the kitchen table or a small version for table settings. Of course, there's no reason why a grown-up shouldn't be the recipient of... Continue reading →

Drapery Rod 101

We all love to decorate our homes. Finding the right couch  for the living room, the right area rug and coffee table all take proper planning and time. The same applies for the drapes we hang on our windows. Drapery... Continue reading →

Decorating Choices

Decorating involves many choices within the home and for most homeowners this task can be very daunting. Cost usually plays a major role in where your dollars are spent. But where is it worth spending more and where can you... Continue reading →

Tips For Hanging Art

Are you an art lover? Do you find yourself wandering through art galleries or always stopping to really appreciate someone else's choice in art?  It's wonderful to showcase artistic works on your walls and many fabulous paintings can be found... Continue reading →

Efficient Space

Published July 19, 2012

I’m not surprised at how many new retail storage stores have opened. It seems we are always trying to find places to store things in a proper fashion. Large plastic tubs and baskets are wonderful for keeping things air tight... Continue reading →

Decorating Tips for On The Road

How many times have to found yourself in the paint store or fabric department trying to remember your colour palette at home? It can be difficult to remember the exact shade of your blinds or drapes when you are out... Continue reading →

This Little Piggy….Easter Egg Idea

Kids love to decorate eggs at Easter. There are so many ways to brighten up ordinary eggs with various painting techniques, adhesives and other creative ideas to transform your eggs into masterpieces. This year why not create a pog of... Continue reading →