Pretty Paint Chips Make Great Wrapping Ideas

Published September 25, 2013

Recently at a party, I admired this great giftwrap idea and thought it was so simple and one that is easy to share. Ordinary paint chip samples make wonderful decorative gift wrap pieces when you use a simple patterned puncher.... Continue reading →

*New!…Nostalgia Quilt… by Lita Lane

Published September 14, 2013

Nostalgia Quilt [a perfect way to preserve the memories of their first years] Lita Lane By the time my twins were around two years old I had so many adorable outfits and didn’t have the heart to get rid of... Continue reading →

Summer Place Card Setting Ideas

Published August 07, 2013

Setting a summer table and knowing where your guests will sit simplifies serving and generally makes dining easier for your guests. It really only takes a few minutes to put together some fun and simple place card settings and in... Continue reading →

Jewellery Pizazz

Published May 20, 2013

KIDS love to hang their jewelry and artwork up in their rooms. There are lots of creative ways to display and organize a teenage girl's jewelry whether it's on a bulletin board or magnet board. Here's a cute idea that... Continue reading →

Honey & Fitz Blog

Published May 01, 2013

[caption id="attachment_2055" align="alignright" width="300"] A great blog to follow how-to ideas[/caption] Every once in awhile I like to surf the web for new and interesting websites and blogs. Recently, I came upon one that I felt was worth sharing. It's... Continue reading →

A Pre-Teen Slumber Party by Lita Lane

Published April 25, 2013

Earlier this year I asked my 11 year old daughter what was on her birthday wish list.  She looked at me with her beautiful big brown eyes and enthusiastically said …. “Pleeeeeeese Mom I really want a slumber party, nothing... Continue reading →

Patterned Tissue Outdoor Lights

This is a simple but very effective idea. It's great for outdoor table parties this spring and can be assembled in minutes. The nice thing about these illuminated lights is that the glass protects the flame from the breeze. Look... Continue reading →

Homemade Stationery

Published April 10, 2013

[caption id="attachment_2033" align="alignright" width="199"] Fasten a tag to the front of a coloured envelope for your next invitation[/caption] Recently I was in a restaurant where the back of the menus were hand-drawn illustrations done by the local school children. It... Continue reading →

Photo Canvas Cards

Published March 22, 2013

[caption id="attachment_2024" align="alignright" width="194"] It's easy to make mini canvas into photo memories[/caption] I love how creative kids are today. With all the new technology, I am amazed how they can manipulate their photos and create fantastic ways of viewing... Continue reading →

Canvas Photos (Vertical Display)

Published March 13, 2013

[caption id="attachment_2004" align="alignright" width="194"] Use Miniature Canvas to display favorite photos[/caption] I love how creative kids are today. With all the new technology, I am amazed how they can manipulate their photos and create fantastic ways of viewing them. The... Continue reading →